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In Site Support

Inflase Color Material

A high-class packaging design combined with a high degree of packaging functionality requires innovative printing inks. We work with you to develop custom ink portfolios to match your requirements. Our experts provide ink formulations, which have exactly the right properties and the functionality you need for your applications.

We will assist you as quickly as possible in case of new challenges or if problems occur with your printing presses. Your personal contact will provide you with solutions and enhancements on site. We are not satisfied until everything runs like clockwork. Tests and regular quality checks by our experts ensure your print operations run smoothly. We also help your employees get up to speed with current quality assurance methods. The result is minimum downtimes and a high degree of profitability.

Ink Development

The demands on the packaging industry and package printing are continuously being reviewed and include the desire for outstanding visual appearance while at the same time maintaining excellent package functionality

On-Press Support

Packaging printing is often a fast-moving market which expects much flexibility from all those involved. New packaging structures and quality and efficiency expectations require new solutions

Product Safety

Food packaging must be absolutely safe. For this reason, we offer you a consultancy service in product safety and regulatory specifications. This knowledge will enable you to behave proactively in the future